Organic China: bridging Europe and China in the organic sector

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Can Organic Farming Feed China? - A Glimpse of Sustainable Farming in China 

About Yinghui

My journey into China organics has started since 2007, when I moved back to Beijing with my family from England. It went from looking for clean food to close observation of and interaction with sustainable farming and the organic sector in China. 

It has been an enlightening and rewarding effort: having clean and tasty food in a country where food safety has become a serious issue in recent years, gaining insights into the organic industry in China, and developing a network of producers and consumers across the country.

In addition to writing in Chinese since 2009 I have started to write reports in English on a freelance basis for Organic Market Info on the development of the organic sector in China with relevance to the European organic industry.   

List of articles published on Organic Market Info

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